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Category Archive: Opinion

“‘This is the Leadership Britain Needs’; or Why We Picked the Right Miliband” by @MagsNews and @BevClack

At one point in his 2013 speech to Labour conference, Ed Miliband made the claim that his was the leadership that Britain needs. At the time, this sounded a tad optimistic. After all, Miliband had struggled to find his footing as Labour leader, with some peaks and troughs as he sought to find his voice. [...]

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Harriet Harman, the NCCL & Liberty, the times.. by @MagsNews

Some thoughts.. In the 70s the NCCL was a libertarian organisation, in the best sense. It became a vehicle for free speech for everyone – and those who had been silenced by ‘The Establishment’ especially during and after the heady 60s welcomed this stance and the opportunies presented. I remember some of the issues being [...]

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“What does ‘Socialism’ mean to Ed?” asks @rwscarter

There has been many a re-hash of the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in politics with the odd switch over. From Keynes and Hayek to Marx and Durkhiem there have been new ideas around what is Left and Right, a debate still ongoing today.So when Ed Miliband recently vowed to ‘bring Socialism back to Britain’ he brought [...]

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The Cost of Cameron, by Éoin Clarke (@DrEoinCl)

The 100 worst failures of David Cameron’s Government from May 2010 to December 2013. (note all 100 points are evidenced. Click on the word “evidence” at the end of each point to reveal the proof of the claim made herein. Poverty 1.      The number of UK people at risk of poverty or social exclusion has [...]

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The Pub Quiz Curriculum, Whose Facts, Whose Dates?

By David Hough Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Education came in office promising to shake up the teaching establishment.  From the moment he took office, he has implemented a programme of whirlwind change, as the academies programme was accelerated, and he introduced ‘free schools.’ But he also had a burning ambition to do [...]

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