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Category Archive: Opinion

@pghodges Opinion Piece: We Must Not Bomb Syria

I do not support the proposal for bombing in Syria that is currently dominating the headlines. The horrendous events that took place in Paris weeks ago have inevitably caused calls for escalation in military intervention to combat ISIS. President Hollande openly declared war, and can hardly be blamed for such an emotional response to the [...]

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Was this the week Corbyn really got under the Prime Minister’s skin? @pghodges

Exchanges during PMQs between Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron are getting increasingly fiery with each week that passes. Labour, buoyed in opposition by the Government’s scandalous plans involving tax credits and junior doctors contracts, as well as the awful handling of the steel crisis in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, have forced the Tories to resort to [...]

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Regulations are based on assumptions, these assumptions are about to disappear. By @rwscarter

In life as in politics the reality we see can be very clear or very hazy, sometimes both simultaneously. One thing is for sure however, we can see trends looking backwards and attempt to predict the future. Though this is perhaps about to be changed forever and the consequences are yet to be felt. The basis [...]

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“‘This is the Leadership Britain Needs’; or Why We Picked the Right Miliband” by @MagsNews and @BevClack

At one point in his 2013 speech to Labour conference, Ed Miliband made the claim that his was the leadership that Britain needs. At the time, this sounded a tad optimistic. After all, Miliband had struggled to find his footing as Labour leader, with some peaks and troughs as he sought to find his voice. [...]

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Harriet Harman, the NCCL & Liberty, the times.. by @MagsNews

Some thoughts.. In the 70s the NCCL was a libertarian organisation, in the best sense. It became a vehicle for free speech for everyone – and those who had been silenced by ‘The Establishment’ especially during and after the heady 60s welcomed this stance and the opportunies presented. I remember some of the issues being [...]

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