40+ Ways that Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, George Osborne & Iain Duncan-Smith are wasting £34 billion of your taxes by @DrEoinCl

Jeremy Hunt

  1. In 2009-10 £1.1bn was spent on Agency Staff but that has risen to £3.9bn for 2012-13. (evidence p.20 & evidence p. 193)
  2. NHS Spend on outside consultancy has climbed from £468m in 2009-10 to £596m in 2012-13 (evidence p.20 & evidence p. 193)
  3. Redundancy Payouts had cost the NHS £850m by December 2011 with confirmation that the figure had climbed to £1.4bn (evidence & evidence)
  4. Tory NHS ‘reforms’ have so far wasted £1.1bn of taxpayers’ cash and that some is rising says National Audit Office (evidence)
  5. Clinical Negligence Pay-outs have climbed £500m & 63% under the Tories (evidence)
  6. The National Audit Office was unable to confirm £2.4 billion of the Savings the NHS claims it delivered & 40% of Trusts failed to deliver QIPP savings (evidence & evidence)
  7. £1,500,000,000 of the NHS Budget was not even spent last year. This was an increase of the under spend the previous year. (evidence)
  8. £1bn profit will be paid from taxpayers to private health for NHS contracts privatised (evidence)
  9. Retendering of NHS111 contracts will cost taxpayer £5m (evidence)
  10. Private Firms running our NHS are avoiding their taxes and this could cost taxpayers £200 over the value of existing contracts (evidence)

Michael Gove

  1. Free Schools are projected to cost at least £600 million more than was originally planned (page 8)
  2. Michael Gove wasted £440,000 on Free Schools that didn’t even open [wave 1] (evidence)
  3. Michael Gove overspent on Academies by £1bn & cut the funding of state school pupils to pay for it says National Audit Office (evidence)
  4. Poor planning in the transfer of school places from LEA run schools & academy schools costs the taxpayer £350 million. A slower transition would have saved cash (evidence)
  5. The government wasted £114 million on Consultants to plan and implement their Free School/Academy reforms (evidence & evidence)
  6. Three Academy Chain networks hand 180+ average pay packets of £88,000 and 7 staff are paid more than the Prime Minister (herehere & here)
  7. Michael Gove wasted £25.76 million on temporary staff in the Department of Education (core) last year, up £600,000 from the year previous (evidence)
  8. Michael Gove’s Department give £65,000 of taxpayers’ cash to schools converting to academy status in what some had described as a ‘bribe’ (evidence)

George Osborne

National Debt is up £430bn & George Osborne is borrowing £235bn more than he said he would (evidence & evidence)

  1. George Osborne has allowed the costs of HS2 to spiral by £7bn+ (evidence & evidence)
  2. The Regional Growth Fund wasted £160 million protecting jobs at an average cost to the taxpayer of £106,000 per job (Page 8)
  3. £1.2bn spent on Local Enterprise Partnerships that were supposed to create 54,000 jobs but in truth will be lucky to create 1/3 of that  says NAO (evidence)
  4. George Osborne sold Northern Rock for a £480 million loss (evidence)
  5. George Osborne sold Lloyds Share for a £230 million loss (evidence)
  6. George Osborne sold Royal Mail for at least 50% less than it was worth (evidence & evidence)
  7. 4G was auctioned off for £1.2bn less than George Osborne forecast (evidence)
  8. The Tax Gap has grown by £4,000,000,000 under the Tories while HMRC staff were cut by 16% and the HMRC budget was cut by 25% Tax Gap (Tax Evasion/Avoidance etc)  up 13% since April 2010 (evidence &evidence)

Iain Duncan Smith

Welfare Spending climbed £24bn this Parliament (evidence & evidence)

  1. IDS’s spend on Private Consultants is up 59% this year (evidence)
  2. IDS’s spend on Temporary Staff is up 91% this year (evidence)
  3. £150million+ of taxpayers’ money wasted contesting successful appeals against unfair WCA assessments (evidence)
  4. The DWP have written off £140million in overpaid Housing Benefit paid in error since October 2010 (evidence)
  5. £241m of taxpayers’ money is set to be wasted in IT overspend for the Universal Credit Project (evidence)
  6. £90m of taxpayers’ money is wasted on IT equipment that won’t work in 2 years (evidence)
  7. £60m of taxpayers’ money had to a Private Firm to carry out WCA assessments that they botched (evidence)
  8. £1.2bn wasted on over-payments at the DWP due to Fraud for 3 years running  (2010-11) (2011-12) (2012-13)
  9. £194m wasted on the Tory Back to Work Scheme for Troubled Families that helped just 3% of the families’ targeted (evidence)
  10. £2.25bn spent on a Work Programme that was only 10% successful wasting £2bn (evidenceevidence & evidence)
  11. £457m Youth Contract Scheme has achieved a 95% failure rate, wasting £434m (evidence)
  12. 40,000 Bedroom Tax victims are exempt due to a loophole that will cost taxpayers’ £29m (evidence)
  13. DHP increased to cover the mess of the Bedroom Tax costing taxpayers’ £150m (evidence)
  14. Impact study of Bedroom Tax arrears suggests £260m could be lost this year (evidence)
  15. IDS wasted £75,000 of taxpayers’ cash on a Bedroom Tax poll (evidence)
  16. Shares For Rights Scheme opens up a £1bn tax loophole (evidence)

“Another Tory MP is giving up on David Cameron” by @MichaelDugherMP

Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, responding to the announcement that yet another Tory MP is to stand down at the next election, said:

“Another Tory MP is giving up on David Cameron, who can’t even persuade his newest MPs that he has the answers. Confidence in the Prime Minister is collapsing even inside his own party, with MPs formerly loyal to David Cameron throwing in the towel rather than fighting on.

“Hardworking people desperately need a government which will deal with the cost-of-living crisis. Instead we have a weak Prime Minister and a divided Tory Party turning in on itself.”

What does the government want to hid? by @grahamemorris

Network Rail

Grahame Morris MP for Easington in County Durham has written to the Transport Secretary Patrick Mcloughlin MP, asking him why he has made the decision to exclude Network Rail from the Freedom of Information Act.   Although the rail firm, which has a five year £38 billion public budget, joins the public sector today (Monday 1 September), it will not be covered by FoI as every other public sector body.

Grahame Morris MP said:

“It is very important that passengers and the public at large are able to ‘follow the public pound’ and it is frankly not credible to exclude such an important public body from proper scrutiny.

It is simply unacceptable that the government has taken this decision, considering its £30 billion debt on the public books.   I call on the government to reverse this decision, as it stands the rail regulator, the Office of Rail Responsibility, will be subject to FoI but the public body it is regulating, National Rail will not. UK Passengers pay the highest fares in Europe. It is their right to know where and how their billions are being spent.”

Mr Morris will be presenting his own Private Members Bill today:

A Bill to amend the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to apply to private healthcare companies; and all other bodies seeking health service contracts; and for connected purposes.

This is to ensure that all organisations with NHS contracts are covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

“Ownership is a key issue…it will re-engage the public” by @rwscarter

In my opinion,it is not just the divide between politicians and people much of the disillusionment and alienation towards politics has come about because politicians stopped talking about ownership. From Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee and Margaret Thatcher all successful politicians knew this. Ownership comes with power and people need to feel like they own politics, that they have the power. People need to know that politicians are public servants not that we are servants to politicians. The politics of doing to has been alienating the masses, turning them against politics.  It is time for the politics of for and making sure that politics is done with the people it affects again.

All the politicians mentioned above had a positive message about ownership, weather I agreed with them or not, and all of these leaders understood that ownership is a key issue and to re-engage the public, politicians once again need to talk about ownership.

  •  Lloyd George passed the infamous ‘Peoples Budget’ after a fight with the unelected House of Lords over increasing taxes on land, luxuries and incomes to pay for social programs, namely the old age pensions system. This was simply a Prime Minister marking that the people give him power and that ownership of the country via the Houses of parliament should show that people have the power and that their vote counts.
  • Winston Churchill with the famous ‘We’ll fight them on the beaches’ line was again about ownership this time literally the prospect of fighting for your country (your being key).
  • Clement Attle stood on a post war dream or ownership of the means of production, where some of the main areas of our economy where taken into public ownership or subsidised to invest and allow the UK to export and rebuild after the war. Formation of Trades Councils was about making sure that workers felt in control, that peoples safety come before profit. There was also an expansion of the ‘Social security system’ and progressive taxes on land, income and capital to fund them. Then of course the forming of the National Health Service the program was completely about ownership.
  • Margaret Thatcher understood ownership when she took on a war in the Falklands and the political masterstroke of selling off the council housing stock. While this has since caused many issues around both supply and subsequently prices. The idea that you could buy your house from the state and own shares in new enterprises from previously nationalised industries such as British Telecoms and British Airways was again a political masterstroke and it paralyzed the left as this vision of a shareholder economy meant that the traditional class boundaries of haves and have nots seemed a little stale.

If politicians want to be listened too they need to remember ownership is key and that issues are only heard when the political class remember where their power comes from, sovereignty is granted to Westminster or indeed Assemblies and local councils by the masses at the ballot box.  Openness and transparency where two of Cameron’s worst kept promises that not enough scrutiny is applied, we need to open up our Politics and our Public Services to people not to the market or big money.

There is a massive opening to be filled in politics,while Labour have started talking of Public Prime Ministers Questions a great way of connecting directly to the masses and importantly Public service reform that recognise the client for public services is also the owner. Making sure people are heard when making decisions about the direction of the service and putting the patient in the driving seat in Integrated Health and Social care is a great example of that with a point person that means the client has one person to contact not one list of people to contact.

While again Labour has started making the right noises around the public scandal that allows private firms to run the Rail while they take both large profits and large subsidies while pushing up ever increasing fares. They also recognised that having a large state run Nationalised rail service is and was previously detached from public concerns and can often become unresponsive. Supporting smaller Directly Operated Services such as that currently in operation on the East Coast Main Line and supporting the use of mutuals in the provision of the service, not surprising when you consider that Labours sister party is the Cooperatvie Party.  This smaller more localised model will also be more likely to be responsive to concerns while offering a sense of ownership over the services that our delivered.

For politicians of any colour we need more of these types of policies, delivering public services back to the people, not centralisation, not privatisation but really rooting public services within the community where the public are, as well as opening up the public services to the public with commitments to open up governance from local to national to members of the public to allow proper scrutiny, direction and responsiveness.

“NHS Health For The Many Not Wealth For The Few” by @LondonUnite

The People's March for the NHS arrives in London on September 6

Almost everyone reading this will know someone who has benefitted from the NHS. In fact, a vast majority were probably born in an NHS hospital.

The NHS is what makes Britain, Great Britain. It is a fundamental right to health regardless of your income or status. We must never lose sight of how vital the NHS has been in creating the civil society we have all become accustom to. Some of us take the NHS for granted and forget that in many countries, including some of the richest in the world, people do not enjoy the right to access healthcare as we do.

But, the NHS is under threat. It has been viewed by many big corporations as profitable and this Conservative government, willingly supported by their Lib Dem friends, are removing the protections in place to stop the NHS becoming a business to generate personal wealth for the few and staying as a service to generate personal health for the many.

The NHS is free at the point of use, but be under no illusion it is free completely. We, as taxpayers pay for it via our National Insurance and other taxes. It is our service and is not a gift from one elite Tory to another.

Profit should not and cannot be made for private gain from our financial income, if surplus money is available then it must be reinvested to develop more provision, cut waiting times & keep ambulance stations open – not to pay millions to Directors and shareholders.

Since August 16, 2014, people have marched from Jarrow in Tyne and Wear and will be arriving in London on Saturday, September 6. There will be thousands of people starting the last leg of the march from outside Edmonton Green walking through Haringey to Clissold Park in Hackney before making their way to the rally in Trafalgar Square. I hope you can join them to show this government our NHS is not for sale and we will fight to save it.

More information about the march can be found on the following website www.999callfornhs.org.uk