Tory led government has broke promises to front line NHS staff and squandered billions claims @KeeleyMP

Barbara has criticised the Conservative-led Government for breaking its promise on pay for NHS nurses, paramedics and other front-line NHS staff.

Over half of NHS staff, including many nurses, midwives, paramedics and community nurses in Salford will lose out after the Health Secretary said their below-inflation 1% pay rise was “unaffordable” for the NHS.

The independent NHS Pay Review body, which had recommended the 1% rise, had warned that patient care might suffer “through declining staff morale and engagement” if the pay rise was denied to staff.

Barbara said:

“I believe that nurses, midwives and many other health staff working hard for the NHS in Salford will be disappointed by this decision to deny them a 1% pay rise. The money saved is a tiny fraction of the total NHS budget but the decision will affect the morale of those vital front-line staff.”

“The Conservative-led Government has squandered £3 billion on an unnecessary NHS reorganisation. More than £1.4 billion has been spent on redundancies in the NHS since this Government came to power and at least £435 million of that was just due to the reorganisation.

“Some of that wasted money could have been used to give frontline NHS staff their promised pay rise instead of giving six-figure pay-offs to senior managers. This just goes to show how little the Conservative-led Government thinks of the hardworking front-line staff who keep the NHS going in Salford and across the country.”

Under Cameron 18 week waiting lists have soared by 47% highlights @GwynneMP

Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, commenting on the Government missing its NHS treatment waiting time target for first time since March 2011, said:

“Under David Cameron, waiting lists for operations are at their longest in years.

“David Cameron is responsible for the problems in the NHS. He wasted £3 billion on a damaging reorganisation and patients are paying the price. Labour left NHS waiting times at a record low but on David Cameron’s watch the NHS is heading back to the bad old days with patients waiting months on end for treatment in pain and discomfort.

“This is further proof that Tories cannot be trusted with the NHS.”

NHS Referral to Treatment figures released today by NHS England for February 2014 reveal:

• The target for 90% of patients to wait less than 18 weeks was missed for the first time since March 2011.

• The total number of patients on the waiting list is 2,885,253 – the highest February figure since 2008.

• There has been a 47% increase in the number of patients who waited over 18 weeks compared to May 2010 – from 20,662 to 30,417.

Energy bills climb £300 under Cameron, whilst the big six energy companies enjoy soaring profits slams @Jon_Trickett

Energy bills are up by almost £300 under David Cameron. The “big six” energy companies are seeing their profits soar. Yet, people in my area have to choose whether to heat their home or eat. It is shameful.

Fuel poverty affects 7,000 people in my constituency. Finding it difficult to juggle heating their homes, paying their bills and working in low paid jobs, this government have inflicted a cost of living crisis on ordinary people that I had hoped we would never see again.

The recent launch of a full market investigation into energy companies prices is a clear admission that Britain’s energy market is broken and that radical action is needed.

One of my constituents told me that having a hot bath and heating his home is a luxury he cannot afford every day, most days he is left piling on the layers just to stay warm.

Something needs to be done.

Labour called on the government in 2013 to impose an energy price freeze. David Cameron rejected this Labour proposal, saying it was unworkable. With the energy company SSE recently announcing an energy price freeze David Cameron was clearly wrong, it is now plainly obvious he just did not want to help ordinary people.

It is clear that the Tories stand up for the few at the top not the old lady trying to stay warm in her home. David Cameron has cut tax for people on over £150,000 a year while raising it for the shop-worker who is on a zero-hours contract. This Government will not do anything to address the cost of living crisis and help people out of fuel poverty.

That is why Labour would help with everyday costs in a fair way, to benefit everyone. We would freeze energy prices until 2017 which would save a typical household £120 a year. Labour would also provide 25 hours free childcare per week for 3 and 4 year olds, scrap the unfair and unjust bedroom tax and tackle low paid jobs and zero hours contracts to help get more people back on their feet.

93,461 used food banks in West Midlands including 35,425 children slams @IanAustinMP

The figures have been released by the Trussell Trust which runs 400 food banks across the UK including 85 in the West Midlands.

Over 900,000 people in Britain have used food banks in the past year. The Trussell Trust reports that many users are in work, with wages no longer guaranteed to be enough to feed a family.

Austin has called on the government to do more to support families that are struggling to feed themselves.

Ian Austin said:

“Food banks like the one here in Dudley and the Black Country do phenomenal work, but this increase just goes to show our out-of-touch government hasn’t got a clue how difficult life is for people at the moment.

“They’re determined to pretend there’s no crisis but they have to face the truth – thousands of families in the West Midlands face a cost of living crisis and the benefits system is in chaos.”

Coventry unemployment figures rise under Tory-led government highlights @BobAinsworth_MP

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the number of under-employed people in Coventry has increased year-on-year since the Tory-led Government came to office.

Workers are defined as under-employed if they are willing to work more hours, either by working in an additional job, working more hours in their current job, or switching to a replacement job. They must also be available to start working longer hours within two weeks, and their current weekly hours must be below 40 hours if they are aged between 16 and 18 and below 48 hours if they are aged over 18.

In a letter to Bob, Peter Fullerton – Director General of the ONS – confirmed that, according to Annual Population Survey datasets, the estimated number of under-employed people in Coventry increased from 13,100 in 2010 to 13,400 in 2011 and 13,600 in 2012 (the latest period for which figures are available).

The under-employment problem in Coventry highlights just how out of touch this Government is with the cost of living crisis facing the city’s hard working families, who are worried about whether they will be able to make ends meet and put food on the table for their children.  As wages are now down £1600 a year after inflation under David Cameron and tax and benefit changes since 2010 have left families worse off by an average of £891 this year.

Bob said:

“The Government’s cost of living crisis affecting people in Coventry is being perpetuated by an increase in under-employment.

“It is clear that under-employment is a growing problem for thousands of families in Coventry who are already feeling the squeeze from rising prices and falling wages. An estimated one in ten of those in work in Coventry are now unable to work the hours they would like.

“These figures show that this out of touch Government really needs to wake up from its complacency on living standards now.”